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Working with Twilight Homes


At Twilight Homes, we value our relationship with the realtor community, so we like to maintain an open dialog regarding the benefits of working with new construction.

Twilight encourages customers who are working with a realtor, to maintain their relationship and bring them along to view models and act as their representative throughout the process. Realtors who refer a client to Twilight homes still earn a commission. We value transparency, and work to keep open lines of communication with both realtors and customers throughout the entire process.

When working with Twilight Homes, realtors often find the overall home transaction is easier and more streamlined than selling a resale home. There are always issues with the resale homes, and it often falls to you, the realtor, to manage the necessary appraisals, inspections and repairs. When working with a new construction property, the builder handles inspections, appraisals, etc. We also schedule the survey and coordinate with the title company.

Something else we like to clarify is that Twilight offers both move-in ready and build-to-suit options. Our move-in ready homes are a great option for customers who don’t want to wait for new construction, and expedites the commission to their realtor as well. Twilight’s high-quality custom homes take approximately 6-months from start to finish, which isn’t too much longer than closing some resales.

Working with Twilight Homes ensures a great experience, and comfortable home, for your clients. We are proud to partner with local realtors to get buyers into a home they truly love.