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Twilight Homes Giving Back Rio Rancho Amrep

Twilight Homes Helps Rio Rancho Students In Need

In continuing with our promise to give back to the community, Twilight Homes partnered with AMREP to help provide in-home broadband to Rio Rancho Public School students in need.
As members of the Rio Rancho community, we want to ensure we’re helping not just those we build for, but the neighborhoods we build in. With the Covid-19 pandemic causing school closures, having access to in-home broadband is more important than ever for students working from home. In conjunction with fellow homebuilders, Twilight Homes helped AMREP donate $38,500 for students in need. Rio Rancho Public Schools provides their students with this essential service, and they will now be able to cover a significant amount of the program’s cost for the remainder of the school year. 
“AMREP and its industry partners are proud to be able to support this essential program being provided by Rio Rancho Public Schools. The local residential construction community and Rio Rancho Public Schools have always worked together for the betterment of our residents—we hope this donation continues to enhance this relationship and helps to provide all students in our schools with the basic tools to continue learning. We look forward to when the pandemic subsides and our children can return to in-person school full-time,” said Carey A. Plant, Vice President of AMREP. 
Thank you, AMREP, for ensuring Rio Rancho Public School students are capable of continuing with their schooling from home. Twilight Homes is grateful to give to such a great cause and help the community so many of our Twilight Family members call home.