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You’ve arrived at the next exciting step in your homebuilding journey: The Design Center! 

Here is where you will decide on the design elements of your new home. We encourage you to watch our video for an easy explanation of what you can expect upon your Design Center visit.
Twilight Homes works with Stonewood Flooring to provide all our buyers with a complimentary visit with our Design Concierge. Your concierge will work with you to help you make beautiful design decisions for your new home. Twilight Homes will work with you every step of the way to ensure an easy, low-stress process for your Design Center journey!

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Step 1: Preparation

Think about your budget and prioritize your investment.

Step 2: Exterior Choices

Choose your coordinated stucco package, which includes:
  • stucco color
  • exterior paint color for garage, front door, and trim
  • roofing materials

Step 3: Cabinets

Step 4: Countertops

Step 5: Flooring

Choose from beautiful standard tile options or upgrade your floor tile.

Step 6: Grout Options

Your Design Center concierge will help you select a corresponding grout color for your tile selection

Step 7: Carpet and Padding Selection 


Step 8: Interior Paint Color and Blind Selection


Step 9: Bathrooms

Your concierge will guide you through each bathroom in your floor plan to make decisions on your:
  • Surrounding wall tile for bath and shower
  • Decorative band (optional)
  • Metal trim accent (optional)
  • Nicho or shelf in shower (optional)

Step 10: Upgrades

You will be guided to make selections about possible upgrades for your home. Twilight Homes provides more standard features than any other builder, but we also provide excellent upgrade options for homeowners looking to further personalize their new home.
Upgrade options include:
  • Fireplace material (for select floor plans)
  • Kitchen and bathroom backsplash 
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures 

YOur Guides

Please reach out to your salesperson if you have any questions regarding making your selections or your Design Center process. Your appointment will be scheduled through the Twilight Homes main office. We look forward to seeing you at the Twilight Homes Design Center! 


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