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 Twilight Homes Homeowner Reviews

At Twilight Homes, our clients are at the heart of what we do. We love hearing how we have impacted our homeowners, so we interviewed Lea from Mountain Hawk, one of our Rio Rancho communities.

Lea is a member of the Twilight Family and chose Mountain Hawk for its great location and accessibility to her work.

She notes the affordability of Rio Rancho, NM, compared to Santa Fe. With Santa Fe home prices growing exponentially, and limited access to jobs that can support mortgage payments or rent, Rio Rancho was a top choice for her.

Additionally, with Twilight Homes 2-10 warranty, Lea had the peace of mind to buy a new home versus a resale home or renting, knowing if something broke, she’d be covered.

Watch Lea’s story, as she explores her rational for buying a new Twilight Homes in Rio Rancho.