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Looking for affordable homes
in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho?

Do you work in Santa Fe or have a desire to live in our gorgeous capitol city? With the higher cost of living in Santa Fe, don’t miss our incredible home options in Rio Rancho, where homeowners can get more home for less money. Mountain Hawk and The M in Mariposa are both fantastic options for our commuters, and we encourage you to read more about the benefits of living in Rio Rancho while working in Santa Fe! 
When planning for your future, consider moving to Rio Rancho! With amazing community options like Mountain Hawk and The M, you’ll have less than a one hour commute to the city while saving almost $74,000 on your home! Enjoy a lower monthly cost, more peace of mind, and more options for your home design. 
With just 48 miles separating Santa Fe and multiple Rio Rancho communities, you’ll be saving $1,542 PER MILE!1 Don’t feel like driving? Rio Rancho provides an easy drive to the local Rail Runner station, so you can relax on your way to and from work. 
Whether for yourself or your family, consider choosing Rio Rancho. Planning for the future just got a whole lot easier when you have an extra $74,000 in your pocket.
* According to
** Savings of $1542 per mile when comparing the Sandia ($401,990*/1457 sq ft) in Santa Fe to the Aquarius in Mt Hawk ($327,990*/1433 sq ft) 

*** Prices accurate as of 8/23/2021