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Welcome Our Newest Team Members

They’ve made it through their HR training, and proven themselves as valuable team members. Meet MERV and UV Girl.
As a local company with over fifty years of homebuilding experience, Twilight Homes is committed to finding innovative techniques to improve the lives of our new homeowners, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Throughout 2020 and now in 2021, Twilight Homes has included the MERV-16 filtration system in our standard list of features for our homes. This filter is unlike any other in your home. 
“Our Total Value Package includes over $52,000 in standard features, raising the bar in new home construction, quality, and energy efficiency,” said Vincent Pizzonia, co-owner. “In light of the pandemic, we started including MERV-16 air filters and UV light systems to increase the comfort and safety of everyone living in our new sale homes at no extra charge to our homeowners.”
Twilight Homes chose the MERV-16 filtration system because of the MERV-16’s ability to filter out over 95% of air pollutants, including dust, dander, pollen, tobacco smoke, and bacteria. This is the same level of filtration used for hospital inpatient care and general surgery.
Twilight Homes didn’t stop there. After extensive research, the local homebuilder discovered UV air purification systems, which drastically reduce bacteria, viruses, and mold in the HVAC systems of their homes. Being a company that values the environment and lowering their homeowner’s monthly bills, Twilight Homes ensured this additional cleansing system is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The UV air purification system is available in Twilight’s Signature and Custom Series homes.

Featuring award-winning floor plans, all designed with our homeowners and community in mind.

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What the Merv-16 & Uv Filtration means to your new Home

This innovative feature is part of Twilight Homes’ standard feature package and is of no extra charge to you. We care about your health, and the MERV-16 filtration system helps protect you from a variety of irritants in the air that can be detrimental to your health. 
At Twilight, we make sure the homes we build improve the lives of those we build for. 
Twilight Homes is a Build Green NM Certified builder. “We take our commitment to the environment and to our community seriously, which is why all of our homes come equipped with energy efficient features, like blown-in insulation, LED lighting, and more,” said co-owner Tim McNaney. Twilight Homes has been providing unmatched quality and upgraded standard features to all their homeowners for over ten years. With over one thousand homes built locally, Twilight Homes understands the needs of New Mexico’s families and the best way to provide Total Value in their lives. Co-owners Vincent Pizzonia and Tim McNaney are committed to ensuring their customers have a safe, healthy, and beautiful home to call their own.
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