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Childproofing Your Home

As parents, you understandably worry about your children’s safety. However, tragically, the leading causes of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4 are falls, drowning, fire, choking or poisoning – all likely to occur in a child’s own home.  Childproofing your home is an essential element of ensuring the safety of your children. The following five tips can help to reduce the risk of accidents or death while allowing your home to remain functional for adults.


#1: Install Safety Gates across Stairways and Doorways

So-called baby gates are a standard feature of homes with small children. However, outdated baby gates don’t offer sufficient protection. Avoid old-school accordion gates that present a strangulation hazard. Instead, look for gates certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association to ensure that they are up to modern qualifications.


#2: Install Window Stoppers

Opening the windows on a cool fall evening is a delightful way of circulating fresh air into your home. However, wide-open windows represent a hazard for children. Install window stoppers that prevent windows from being opened more than 3 inches. That should be enough to allow fresh air into your home but small enough to prevent a child from falling through.

#3: Secure Furniture against Tipping

Too many children are severely injured or killed by furniture that tips over and fall on top of them. Secure furniture pieces by loading heavier items in bottom drawers or shelves. Secure tall furniture items such as shelves to the wall to prevent tipping.


#4: Avoid Placing Furniture near Windows

Avoid placing furniture near windows to minimize the risk of falling. Likewise furniture placed near windows present a potential choking hazard from shades and drapery pulls. Pulling furniture away from windows minimizes both types of risks.

#5: Add Safety Latches to Cabinets and Drawers

Unfortunately, poisoning is a leading cause of accidental death among young children. Keep medicines away from children by storing them in locked medicine cabinets. Likewise, secure cleaners, paint and other toxins on high shelves, or preferably, in locked storage areas.



The best home is a safe home. When you build with Twilight, we have your family in mind.

Incorporating childproofing safeguards in your home ensures that your home is a place of warmth and sanctuary – and safe for the entire family, including children.