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Are you ready to embark on a journey towards building your dream home?

The process of building a custom home from thousands of miles away can be daunting, but Pat and Karn’s story serves as an inspiring testament to the expertise and dedication of the Twilight Luxury Homes team. If you’re looking for a seamless, enjoyable custom home building process, look no further than Twilight Luxury Homes in New Mexico. Our commitment to creating homes that are a true reflection of your unique vision sets us apart. To give you a glimpse into our world of luxury custom home building, we are thrilled to introduce you to Pat and Karn, two satisfied homeowners who recently made their dream home a reality with Twilight Luxury Homes in the Mariposa community in Rio Rancho.


What to know about building a custom home from a distance:

One of the standout features of Twilight Luxury Homes is our commitment to making the custom home building process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Pat and Karn faced the unique challenge of designing their dream home while being 2,000 miles away. However, with the help of our experienced team, they discovered that distance was no obstacle.

Our state-of-the-art virtual design consultations allowed Pat and Karn to actively participate in every aspect of their home’s design. They collaborated with our architects, interior designers, and construction experts to bring their vision to life. The result? A stunning, one-of-a-kind luxury home that perfectly suits their tastes and lifestyle.


Words of Wisdom from Pat and Karn

We invite you to watch Pat and Karn’s testimonial video where they share their remarkable journey of building their dream home from afar. In their own words, they provide valuable insights and advice for anyone considering the custom home building process. Here’s a sneak peek at some of their words of wisdom:

Embrace Technology

Pat and Karn highlight how technology played a crucial role in their long-distance home-building journey. Virtual meetings, 3D renderings, and real-time updates kept them closely connected to their project, despite the physical distance.


Personalization Matters

Pat and Karn’s home is a true reflection of their style and preferences. They emphasize the importance of personalization in the custom home building process, encouraging others to embrace their unique tastes.


Trust the Experts:

They emphasize the importance of trusting the expertise of the Twilight Luxury Homes team. Our professionals guided them through every step, ensuring that their vision was realized while adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


Build on Your Own Lot

Pat and Karn fell in love with the Mariposa community in Rio Rancho, and their testimonial underscores the allure of this stunning location. Its natural beauty, amenities, and friendly neighbors made them feel right at home. Explore New Mexico and the surronding areas. Twilight Luxury Homes can also build on your lot.