Great News – Zero Money Down Loans on EOS Series Homes!

You May be Surprised How Easy it Is

If a down payment has been a challenge on your path to home ownership, Twilight Homes has great news. Zero Money Down buying options for EOS Series homes are now available to buyers just like you, making it possible to own a brand new home, possibly for less than typical rent!
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What Programs are Available?

There are five different ways to take advantage of low down payment programs at Twilight Homes. The programs and their down payment requirements are:

  • USDA (Los Lunas) – 0% Down Payment
  • VA – 0% Down Payment
  • MFA – $500 Down Payment 
  • FHA – 3.5% Down Payment 
  • Conventional – 5% Down Payment

Payment ranges, including principle and interest, are typically as low as $760-$1,380 monthly for those who qualify at a 4.5% mortgage loan rate.* Which one is right for you? Call us at (505) 903-9736 and we’ll help you find out.

What About Closing Costs and Other Fees?

Great news! Twilight homes will pay your closing costs and other prepaid fees (for those who qualify), meaning that you can move into a brand new home with no up-front money out of your pocket (excluding first month’s mortgage payment).

Who Qualifies for a No Money Down Loan?

To start with, our Zero Money Down loans are through Twilight Homes’ preferred lenders Hometrust Mortgage and Hamilton Mortgage (Santa Fe). If you are interested in knowing if you qualify, and most people probably do, we will set you up with our mortgage lender and together you will begin to crunch numbers and find out.

For those who qualify, Zero Money Down financing creates so many opportunities. It allows renters to become homeowners, without draining your savings account. It can also leave you with cash on hand for things like new furniture or other nice items to compliment your brand new, fully warranted home. It is very possible that you may begin building equity in your new home for a monthly payment lower than your previous rent or house payment, and be eligible to receive the benefits of the federal mortgage interest tax deduction.

Would you like to learn if a Zero Money Down new home loan is meant for you? Contact Twilight Homes today at (505) 903-9736, or visit a sales associate in any of our communities and together we can find out!


*P&I. 4.5% Fixed, 30 Year Term, OAC. Zero Money Down financing is provided by USDA and VA and will not be available for all Twilight homes. Credit and other qualifying restrictions do apply. For more information consult a mortgage specialist. Offer good through 5/7/17.