Twilight New Home WarrantyThe Twilight Homes difference lies in our award-winning designs, distinct floor plans, customizable details and our nationally recognized 2-10 Warranty program. To keep life in your new home worry-free, we offer the best warranty available in every home we build, as a safeguard to the unexpected.

2-Year “Slab to Roof” Warranty

Twilight Homes offers a standard 2-year new home warranty. This warranty covers unlikely breaks or leaks up to 2 full years.  This 2–year warranty gives our customers twice the coverage offered by other builders.  Every Twilight home is covered under the 2-year “slab to roof” warranty.

45-Day Walk Through

As part of our 2-year full warranty, we will walk through your home with you, to uncover any imperfections that may have occurred within the first 45 days after close. Your concerns will be addressed and repaired under your 2-year “slab to roof” warranty.  

22-Month Walk Through

As part of our commitment to you, we will also schedule a walk-through inspection of your home 22-months after purchase. This ensures that if there are any repairs needed under the coverage of your warranty, they are identified before the warranty expires.

Extended Structural 10-year New Home Warranty

The Twilight Homes’ 2-10 new home warranty goes beyond a standard 2-year warranty. Once you pass the 2-year mark in your Twilight home, the warranty continues to cover the building structure for an additional 8 years.

Twilight Homes Local Team Warranty Service

Twilight Homes has a team of local businesses, craftsmen and vendors committed to protecting your investment under our home warranty.  With just one click, you can easily submit your warranty application.