Houses for Sale – ForsythiaWhen you are looking at houses for sale in Albuquerque, consider a new home by the number one local builder, Twilight Homes. Why does it matter if your home builder is local? You believe in what is constant, trusted and close at hand. Albuquerque home builder, Twilight Homes is the local home builder who brings their good reputation and a team of local contractors to you. Trust what you know and what you know in business are local companies that have been a part of the local community with reputations you can trust. Every Twilight home helps to employ over 200 local residents, supporting more than 30 local companies. This means more than $30 million is being spent through our local economy.

Local Albuquerque Home Builder

The fastest growing and largest local New Mexico builder, Twilight Homes, is the builder you can trust.  Since 2011, Twilight has become known as the largest and fastest growing home builder in New Mexico.

Local Businesses Collaborate

Twilight Homes is comprised of a team of local vendors, craftsmen and businesses which  known to local residents.  Please see our list of supporting local vendors and businesses.

Impact on Local Economy

 Building expenses spent locally strengthens the economy in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, further ensuring that customers are financially supported by area businesses.

Home Value Sustainability

Homeowners trust Twilight Homes because our team is locally owned. Local vendors are accessible to homeowners who may need warranty work, future upgrades or home-related contacts.

Twilight Homes’ co-presidents, Vincent Pizzonia and Tim McNaney, work together to incorporate their knowledge of land development, sales, construction and financing.  Twilight Homes hires the best local contractors and craftsmen to create innovative and award winning designs.