Albuquerque Affordable and Stylish Homes

Albuquerque home builder, Twilight Homes, is filling a gap in the Albuquerque area home buying market with the offering of the EOS Series of new homes. This opportunity in the home building market benefits new homeowners and those looking to downsize or find affordable homes and break the renting chain. Twilight Homes is the largest locally owned builder in New Mexico bringing unique, innovative affordable homes through our EOS Series.

How Affordable is the EOS Series of Homes?

  • Starting in the mid $100’s, the EOS series offers affordability.
  • Financing options means moving into an EOS Homes becomes a reality.
  • High-quality options at a minimum of expense.

Unexpected Perks of EOS Twilight Homes

Expect the same 2-10 warranty found in the higher priced home series by Twilight.
Award winning designs in many locations around the metro area.

Breaking the Limitations of Today’s Housing Market

Once Albuquerque home builder, Twilight Homes, realized the gap in the housing market we addressed it by creating the EOS Series. We found there is a segment of the population renting, unable to save a significant down payment or afford the higher monthly payments of a larger new home. There is also a segment of the population in need of smaller homes.

The Twilight Homes Difference

Once Albuquerque home builder, Twilight Homes, identified a population looking to move into smaller affordable homes, we moved quickly to develop new floor plans and identify communities where EOS would be a great fit, combining affordability with the Twilight commitment to great design and quality.  Come check out our EOS Home series and discover the Twilight difference.

Communities Featuring EOS Series Homes