Remodeling a Kitchen vs. Buying a New Home from Twilight Homes

The Benefits of Purchasing New Homes in Albuquerque NM from Twilight Homes vs Doing a Kitchen Remodel

We can appreciate the desire to update your old, worn out kitchen for a shiny new one. Understanding the financial and emotional cost of remodeling a kitchen may make you decide that buying a new homes from Twilight Homes is the better option for you.

Known Costs

Kitchen Remodel: The average cost to remodel a kitchen can range anywhere from $11,700-$48,000 depending on the size of your kitchen, and the scale of your remodel
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New Twilight Home: Taking the amount you were considering spending on a kitchen remodel, and putting it towards a down payment for a new home can be a better use of your money. Your new home would come with the kitchen of your dreams. Because when you buy one of our homes you can help with the design of your new kitchen. We feature high end amenities standard in every home we build.

Unknown Cost

Kitchen Remodel: Large scale remodels consisting of tearing out floors, opening walls, or pulling out cabinets can expose problems hiding in your home. Once these problems come to light they will need to be resolved. These can be harmful to the health of your family, or may prevent you from keeping your house up to code. These problems can significantly add to the cost of your remodel.

New 17973082741_de39820c0b_o17788317360_59495ac1e9_oTwilight Home: Before signing the papers for your new home we will detail every penny you will spend, there won’t be any surprises along the way. You can move in knowing that everything was done professionally, and with great care. Every home built by Twilight Homes comes with a two year warranty to ensure you won’t have to solve any problems after moving in.


Kitchen Remodel: Kitchen remodels can take weeks to months to complete. There will be dust, dirt, and no working kitchen throughout the process. Stress and health issues can be caused by living in your home during a remodel.

New Twilight Home: Everything in your home will be new. This means you won’t have to worry about fixing, repairing or remodeling  any part of your home. You will walk into the home you have been dreaming of. With no worry on the horizon. We will take care of any issues that may arise for two years after the date you move in.16306583168_7eda555a9e_o16308353687_f68e81899a_o

If remodeling your kitchen has been in the forefront of your mind, you may want to come by one of our models to see what Twilight Homes has to offer. Buying a new home might just be a better option for you.